The Jolly Sandwich Bar have done it !

The Jolly Sandwich Bar has recently walked off with The Licenced Catering News Award for the ‘Best Cafe/Bistro 2015’ – in the face of fierce competition from other establishments across the Province.


The Jolly Sandwich Bar – This was our Year !

We had been nominated for this category some time ago and we were pleased to have been acknowledged by our peers, within the industry.  We had been nominated by LCN, last year – and when we were announced as ‘runners- up’ we were naturally thrilled.


Our competition all have dedicated chefs, which we felt left us at a disadvantage, we had specific staff dedicated to certain roles – but our staff ALL pull together, to achieve the end result – the best we can deliver.


Imagine our surprise, when the announcement was made that The Jolly Sandwich Bar had won!

After the presentation had been made we started to text and Facebook our friends and family and with the wonders of social media – our phones lit up , as everyone began to send congratulation.

Yes, we celebrated but were also keen to get home, because we all wanted to be at work on Saturday morning – to meet and greet our customers and friends.

Saturday passed in a haze of congratulations and celebration, as a lot of people called in to congratulate us – thank goodness we close on Sundays.


The Jolly Sandwich Bar Facebook page went ballistic ….

You are not seeing things – our Facebook counter went into overdrive and we want to thank you for all your good wishes – if you feel inclined, we would love your comments on other directories, to tell the world what you think of your favourite cafe/bistro – so please get commenting.