The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning


The Jolly Sandwich Bar

 Come Join us this weekend, Fri & Sat.

at The Jolly Sandwich Bar.


This weekend  we are pleased to be able to support the MacMillan Cancer Support Charity in what will be our sixth annual coffee morning  at The Jolly Sandwich Bar for The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.


We have the coffee shop themed with MacMillan bunting and people are already asking how they can make contributions to this charity.  This organization, and others, make a huge difference to peoples lives , in many ways , and we have built up a strong relationship with them over our time working together.

How MacMillan spent funds from last year.

These statistics were on the MacMillan website and we thought you might like to see how The Jolly Sandwich Barmany people used the charity .

Thousands of people see the benefits of being able to reach out in their time of need – MacMillan are there to give that helping hand.



JSB MacMillan blog 3



People here in our own area are able to access vital help that makes a huge difference



Help us this weekend by showing your support for MacMillan at The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning at The Jolly Sandwich Bar.JSB MacMillan 1