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The Jolly Sandwich Bar – it’s now easier to keep in touch…

Customers and fans like to keep up with events in our premises and while we all lead busy lives – we can take a few minutes to see what is going on in your favourite coffee shop.


We use several forms of social media to keep in touch with our customers – go through the list, make sure you subscribe to any or all of them as we intend to have competitions on Facebook, regular Blog Posts, updated videos on Youtube and a monthly Newsletter, coming up.

The Jolly Sandwich Bar - Facebook page


Facebook and Google+ are interactive media which we will use to regularly update our friends with news, tips and offers.  We have embraced most forms of social media and we are excited at the prospect of keeping in touch with a wider audience.  As we become more interactive we will be inviting comments from viewers –     so we will be asking your views and opinions on various                                    subjects.


Google+ is being viewed by some, as the up and coming rival for Facebook – we like its functionality and will be using it along with Facebook.

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