We provide several off site services for our customers and here are a few of them


Treats … Treats …. Treats, for everyone

The Jolly Sandwich Bar - Services


There are often requests for ‘ a special cheese cake’ for the weekend – or ‘can you do a deep rhubarb and ginger tart’ or ‘… my friend Gemma got a lovely Lemon Drizzle cake, last weekend, can I order one, for this weekend’ ?  – we take orders – virtually anything is possible – ask ….



For office parties or small gatherings –

Option One

We prepare a selection of sandwiches/finger foods, and some heated snacks, which we display on a tray with garnishes and napkins – covered with cling film. An optional extra is to add a selection ofThe Jolly Sandwich Ba pastries, cakes, tarts, buns or cookies – please ask.

Please indicate numbers being catered for, to allow us to calculate cost per head.

Note – we are able to cater for people with dietary requirements, vegans or allergies – please tell us at point of order. We can also deliver, at your request, via our delivery agent.


Option Two

This option caters for events/parties where a knife and fork are used.  We offer quiches, savoryThe Jolly Sandwich Bar flans or deep filled savoury pies (heated or unheated) with a selection of salad type garnishes, along with potato or Waldorf salads, pasta, rice dishes or couscous.

This option is fluid and you can make specific requests – please ask.

Again, we are able to add sweets or desserts per your requirements – please enquire.


Option Three

The Jolly Sandwich BarPrivate parties are becoming more popular, especially around seasonal holiday times or special occasions. Be it a BBQ , family anniversary, christening or family dinner party, we are able to plan the event with you, to the last detail.

Please enquire and we will discreetly fulfill your requirements

The Jolly Sandwich BarThese are only a snapshot of what services we have on offer – if you would like us to elaborate further, call Hazel or Carina and we will answer your query – ring 028 66322277





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