Website Launch

The Jolly Sandwich Bar


The Jolly Sandwich Bar website is now live and we are thrilled to be able to tell our customers all about it.

At The JSB, we are constantly looking at ways we can improve our service and that doesn’t only mean providing good food.  We have been listening to our customers,  many had been telling us that we needed to embrace Internet technology – so we started a Facebook page.

The Jolly Sandwich Bar

Our Facebook page has gained popularity and we have been adding posts, as and when we were able to get the time to add updates.  Running a very busy coffee shop is a full time occupation and ‘down time’ is a scarce commodity so we did not give our FB page as much attention as it deserved, until now.  We wanted to reach out to our customers and so we are going to be posting on a more regular basis.

Our regular customers will know that we get into the spirit of many themes like Valentines Day, Christmas and Halloween but we like to think that we go a little further – we immerse ourselves in other themes like The Samuel Beckett Literary Festival,  Cancer Connect coffee mornings,  Mothers Day, St Patricks Day, The Olympics and ad hoc charity fund raising.

The Jolly Sandwich Bar

We started a Guest Comments book to record visitors reviews and then we had a page on TripAdvisor which has proved to be a tremendous success.

We have a very high customer rating which led to us receiving a Certificate of Excellence rating this year.

We appreciate our customers comments which are displayed throughout our website.

The next stage in our story was our success, this year, in a Catering Industry Award,  where we were finalists in Best Bistro/Restaurant category . We were up against very tough competition and our ‘runners up’ award was seen as a hugh compliment for our food, and the service from our excellent staff. Now that we have moved into the industry premier league we needed to move up a gear.

It has becoming increasingly evident that, as we were mixing with ‘the Big Boys’, the next natural step was to create a website which would fit our image.  We took our time to decide on this next step and when we had weighed up the options, we decided to boldly embrace technology.

So now we have a Facebook page,

a fully interactive website

AND we also have a Youtube Channel

and Google+ page

Take your time to browse through out website – the pages are are linked and we have loads of photographs and customer reviews.  We want you to feel part of our community and we want you to leave comments and your opinions.

Our site is also compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktop PC’s so you can check in on Facebook, leave a review or browse our site while having your refreshments.

All comments will be reviewed and monitored before posting. If you would like to leave a comment please remember to return to Blog on our top menu and hover to get the Website Launch in the dropdown box and click.  Scroll to the bottom of the blog post and leave your comment.

We are excited about all the new developments at The JSB – which we acknowledge to be largely due to the loyal following of our customers, super staff and a good product.  As the next chapter in our business begins to unfold we want to assure our customers of our continued commitment in providing a welcoming haven where good food and good company are equally valued.

To access our website  CLICK HERE